- The things that are only available in our company -

 Invention encouragement awards 1983. We opened the part of the net of the teapot to the bottom, and made the bottom of the teapot a little inclined. In addition, we devised so that tea that could not be placed in the mouth part can be collected. By doing so, tea leaves and hot water can be separated, and the second cup can be drunk deliciously. One piece is 4,500 yen (excluding tax), we sell at the retail store. Regional shipping is also cash on delivery (excluding tax).

– The flavor of Uji tea which can only be tasted in Uji –

 The greatest hospitality to our visitors in our company is to enjoy Uji tea.
You can enjoy tasting Uji tea while learning the process of how to brew our delicious Sencha at the octagonal table seats where you can see the garden in front of you.
For a person who wants to taste Matcha, we offer the highest grade at a fee (with confectionery, 800 yen).

– Information about Okunoyama Tea Garden –

 There is Okunoyama tea garden 10 minutes on foot from our company. It’s one of Uji Shichimeien gardens, which have a history of 650 years.
Please visit the tea garden at any time freely through the fence, however, please refrain from entering the tea garden. In addition, the stone monument “Okunoyama Uji Shichimeien no ichi” established in the early Showa period is located along the tea garden road and can be seen here. For those who would like detailed information on the tea garden etc., please visit our company.

Okunoyama tea garden, Matcha factory and Matcha “Narino” Enjoyment Guide

●Process and content

1.Guiding from the store to Okunoyama tea garden by car, explanation of the history of tea garden etc.
2.In-house Matcha factory guide and explanation. (However, please acknowledge that the Matcha factory is not in operation on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays due to factory holidays.)
3.Matcha tea “Narino” in the tea room “Shofuan” will be served. You will taste it without being caught up in the way of practice.
4.Matcha hand milling experience with mill stone Instruction of how to brew great Sencha and tasting time.

ScheduleAll seasons (Except the New Year seasons, Buddhist vacation, May, December and company holidays. 10am-15pm)
Length of timeAbout 90 mins
Number of peopleOne to five persons
Fee3,300 yen/per person
ReservationPlease make E-mail to reserve two week prior to your desirable date. We are not 100% sure if we can meet your expectation for the date schedule, thus please contact us by E-mail.

– chatsubo kuchikiri no gi –

 The tea ceremony’s new tea begins in November every year. Our tea garden owner serving for the generations of ‘Agata shrine’ who goes from generation to generation, and handed down the method of ‘古儀茶壷口切ノ儀’ by Uji tea instructor.
Every year in autumn, at “Heian Jingu Shrine” in Kyoto and “Agata Shrine” in Uji, 茶壷口切ノ儀 is served by the owner of our tea garden.

– Hand down Uji tea to the next generation –

 The previous generation, Nobuo Horii, looked back on 70 years of his Uji tea life and summarized various stories related to Uji tea into one book. “It is said that the sprouts picks us”. This is a book of the gems that is written about the experiences gained from dialogue with tea garden for many years and various stories of the Uji tea industry that we walked on. It was published in 2006 and distributed to tea traders in Kyoto, people of producers, and neighboring libraries. Unfortunately, there is no stocks for now. If you wish to view this book, please contact us.


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