- The Birth of Matcha “Narino” -

 In our tea garden, there is “Okunoyama”, the only remaining tea garden, in the “Uji Shichimeien” where Ashikaga Shogunate opened in Uji in the Muromachi perioed. In this garden, there were 1500 trees of different kinds of tea trees of Uji tea, however, after replanting in 1981, we started to discover what should be remained as tea kinds for the future.
We selected 53 species in the primary selection and examined their tea quality (taste, scent, the color of water and brightness). In 1994, we finally chose two kinds that could be something we can be proud of in the future. After six years of cultivation trial period, under the confidence that this tea will be the future prospect as Uji tea, in 2000 we applied for the variety registration at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. And finally, the registration was approved and issued in November 2002. After about 20 years, two of new varieties of tea were “Narino” (for Tencha) and “Okunoyama” (for Gyokuro).
“Narino” was awarded the Minister of Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister’s Prize at the 64th National Tea Company held in Nara Prefecture in 2010. It was such an unusual thing in a good way that a tea variety which was produced by an individual was awarded the first prize. This story of the previous generation was featured in Japanese famous TV series and introduced with Okunoyama tea garden.

– Our garden original: “Narino®︎” and “Mumon®︎” –

 “Narino®” was named with the wishes that Uji, which is the birthplace of Japanese green tea, would hold its fame ever after and that it would keep developing like a lovely little child grows up. Comparing with regular green tea varieties, “Narino®︎” contains the double amount of “theanine”, which is the umami ingredient of tea, and the main features are the taste which does not make you feel bitterness, and its blooming scent.. This is our original no-blend single variety tea.
“Mumon®︎” is a no-blend single variety tea from “Asahi” which is cultivated in our garden. “Asahi” is one of tea varieties that hold the top position of many competitions for many years, with its excellence. It was named for its refreshing appearance like a rising sun, and it is such a gem that has a set of flavor, taste, and color. We kept the teachings from our predecessors and named “Mumon®” to protect the reputation of Uji tea without sacrificing further efforts.

– Matcha loved by Iemoto –

 Before and After the World War, our matcha has developed progressively by obtaining its trust from the tea industry, relating that a fact we had invented a Tencha machine.
And the tea which was born by our long tradition, abundant experiences, and strict examinations is the word “quality-oriented” as it is. The Tencha is kept in a low temperature refrigerator and 60 “stone mills” are grinding finely in the matcha room equipped with moisture-free air conditioning according to demand.
Our tea “Yūfū no mukashi” derives from strong wind through our Okunoyama tea garden. Asahi which was inspired and influenced by Iemoto was awarded the National tea competition, and as a result, the tea was defined as Tōgawa no mukashi.
Your favorite Koicha is a gem with its rich aroma and flavor. Usucha brings blissfulness of the ground color and the honest taste and fragrance delivers the time of bliss. Please enjoy the taste and scent of our tea with a long relationship with the history of green tea production.

– Awards of tea competitions –

Kabuse Tea – 1960 – Kansai Tea Competition
Gyokuro – 1984 – Uji Tea Competition
Sencha – 1985 – Uji Tea Competition
Tencha – 1989 – National Tea Competition
Tencha – 1993 – National Tea Competition
Tencha – 1998 -Uji Tea Competition
Tencha – 1999 – Uji Tea Competition
Sencha – 1999 – Uji Tea Competition
Tencha – 2001 – Uji Tea Competition
Gyokuro – 2008 – Uji Tea Competition
Sencha – 2008 – Uji Tea Competition
Tencha – 2010 – National Tea Competition
We are the only our company who was awarded Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Awards for four categories of tea varieties which are produced in Uji.
For other awards, we have been awarded Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Gardening Director Awards, Japanese Tea Industry Central President Awards and so on.


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