- About Shichimeien -

 Muromachi Period Ashikaga Shogunate recognized the goodness of Uji tea and designated seven gardens in Uji and they would be called Uji Shichimeien later. The seven tea gardens, also written in waka that “Discover the biwa that follows the Mori, Iwai, Umoji,Kawashimo Okunoyama and the Asahi”, disappeared in the process of urbanization and our garden, Okunoyama, is the only tea garden in existence. Even now traditional cultivation is carried out in the “Okunoyama” in Okunoyama garden where Uji river and Byodoin can be observed, and on the day of Hachi-ju hachi ya, sprouts come out and tea picking begins every year. Tea trees in our garden were selected as one of Uji City’s “100 famous trees”. Also, our garden was chosen as a part of “800 years of history of Japanese tea” in 2015.

– Our Garden and Shichimeien –

 Since we have been proud to protect and cultivate this traditional garden, we chose the company name “Horii Shichimeien” in order to keep the history together.
The prudent action of the previous generation which is setting up one great garden still keeps its value and influences our reputation with our efforts today even after the time of 600 years. As a result, we have been winning the “National Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Prize” for the National Tea Competition. We appreciate the efforts and benefits of the predecessors who brought up this land.

– Progress of Our Garden and Tencha Production Machine –

 We have been producing and selling Uji tea at the head of ‘Agata Shrine’ which is known for the odd festival in the dark in front of. The name of the second generation was posted in the “Kyoshin Kai tea report” and the year was set as the foundation year.

The third generation Chōjiro Horii wished for the promotion of Uji tea and worked on mechanization of special product “Tencha” while tea production moved to machine production at that time. “Tencha” refers to the original leaves before grinding in a stone mill, and the one that is grinded is “Matcha”. “Horii-style tea making machine” was invented as a result of labor research and it became possible to produce excellent uniform products without unevenness. It has greatly contributed to the quality improvement of Uji tea, and Tencha is a special product of Uji.
Prior to the war and mostly through the war, most of the sales were “sale of Tencha”, however, after the company was founded, we came to handle all kidns of Uji tea. After the establishment of our company, we also have directly sold to customers across the country who enjoy drinking daily Uji tea.

– Tea from Our Garden –

The climate of the area of our garden is suitable for producing tea leaves with two famous Uji river and Kizu river. We deliver good-quality tea which the owner of our garden selected to our customers.

Matcha we provide includes our garden-made and also Tencha from Shichimeikai gardens.
We blend beautifully balanced products which comes from our homeground, the area of Uji river and Kizu river.
In recent years, we also sell original variety “Narino” which is not blended at all.
For Gyokuro, we sell traditional one made in Uji Shirakawa and Kyotanabe. A distinctive fragrance called ōiga and a strong sweetness are great characteristics of Uji tea.
Sencha we sell is well-examined and is from Wazuka Town and Minamiyamashiro village in the southern part of Uji.
We always select fresh products which will make our customers satisfied.


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